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£23.49 basic membership which provides data for the name you're looking for for 1 month

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£29.99 professional membership as basic 1 month plus additional 2010 electoral roll data for anyone else

£69.99 professional membership as basic 1 year plus additional 2001-2010 electoral roll data for anyone else

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Available data is loaded in accordance with your search requirements, or 'Sought Name' within your profile

Electoral roll results are for the Uk for the years indicated along side each folder.

Birth results are for England and Wales for the years indicated along side this folder.

Death results are for England and Wales for the years indicated along side this folder.

Marriage results are for England and Wales for the years indicated along side this folder.

A maximum of 200 results can be provided within each folder.


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Electoral Roll

Data available is for the entire edited version of the 1992-2009 Electoral Rolls. These versions contained an “opt out” facility, for those who did not wish their name to appear on the commercially available register. The latest roll has an approximate opt-out of 30%.

Births, Deaths and Marriages

Data available is for the entire version of the 1984-2005 England and Wales register of births, deaths and marriages. This data is provided and licensed to us by the England and Wales General Registered Office. This data set is believed to be accurate to 100%.

Cancellation Policy

The following directive relates to the exception to the right to cancel:

Regulation 13 (1) (a) "For the supply of services if the supplier has given correct information and the performance of the contract has begun with the consumers agreement before the end of the cancellation period."

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If we have fulfilled our contractual obligation, further refunds are at the discretion of the management. In this instance, we will refund your fee via cheque to your address, for which you must provide.


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